Follow Up #4 – AK

I had my fourth follow up with Dr. V. Spoiler alert…. I am NOT pregnant. What else is new right?

Anyhow, as usual, I got on the table first. He seemed to take a lot more time on me this time. I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that J was talking his ear off so he couldn’t truly concentrate (lol, I love that guy) or if it was really that he needed to assess me that much.

This time around he was able to tell me right away that I was not pregnant and should be expecting my bitchy aunt Flow in town to visit, soon. He was also able to see that again, shame on me… I had corn chips. You guys, I fail. I feel stupid for even eating them knowing that it’s not allowed.  I have done pretty well on all other stuff that is not allowed- refined sugars and caffeine. Although (oh gosh, I just ratted myself out) I did have like a bunch of donuts the weekend previous. I don’t think he saw that so much though. Or at least, he didn’t bring it up because I turned about 50 shades of red when my, oh so lovely husband shouted to him that I had corn chips. Apparently, he likes to throw me under the bus, too. Nicely done, J!

Per usual, he adjusted me and this time he focused on my hips. I felt a huge difference.  I get a lot of pains in my hips and back closer to my menstrual starting. This month was a bit different, no pain but I felt uneasy in that region still.

As predicted, I did wind up getting my menstrual the next morning. It wasn’t as depressing, but honestly- Dr. V felt my despair about being a mom, or, lack of. I felt a lot better and I am just trying to stay focused and not lose hope.

The two supplements that he has me taking right now specifically for trying to conceive is:

Tribulus – which is supposed to be similar to Clomid. Discussing how long my cycle is (32-36 day) to my OB/Gyn, she advised that it’s a normal cycle. Dr V. agreed but suggested taking so that I can ovulate the same time every month. I started to take this one a day supplement the first day of my new cycle. The side effects I am having are headaches and a heavier menstrual.

Ovatrophin PMG– These are taken in the AM and I am prescribed to take two. I don’t have any side effects but it is recommended to take with food because they are pretty strong. This supplement is to help with a healthier ovary function. I don’t suffer from any cysts but I read that if you do, these really help you out.

Our next appointment isn’t until the beginning of June, so hoping when we go back, we have good news. If anything, hopefully there will be more of a positive progress report.

Until then, God Bless. Be kind to yourselves, and others.

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