5 Travel Destinations- Bucket-list

I have way more than 5 places, let’s just be clear. I only picked 5 places for this posting because I could sit here allllll day long talking about where and why I want to go to SO many other places. These are more places that I know would be once in a lifetime or I have been obsessed with going but just have not booked.

In no particular order…..here it goes:

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Image result for belfast northern ireland

This would be my first out of the country trip that I would LOVE to go on. Just look at this picture, alone. Beautiful. I want to experience a change in culture and scenery for just about a week or two. I could seriously get lost in the city and just leave all my worries behind.

I would love to tour the Cathedrals and admire all the art in the city. Not to mention if you are a Sons of Anarchy fan like I am, they based just about an entire chapter in this city (spoiler alert- baby Abel was found alive and well.) This is not why I want to go though. I have always had this want and need to go to Ireland and Scotland. I would actually be ok with one, or the other.

Jerusalem, Israel

Image result for jerusalem

Come on… who wouldn’t want to visit the Holy Land?!  Everything about it just sounds so gorgeous. I would want to see the Old City and the prayer (Western) wall. The Temple Mount would also be truly life changing to oversee the entire Holy Land. This may be something I would look into doing with our church one year since they go every other year. I wouldn’t be too sure on traveling alone or with my husband. It just reminds me of somewhere you would go with a larger group.

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Image result for cabo rojo puerto rico

I have been to Puerto Rico and absolutely love, love, LOVE it there. If it were up to me, I would travel there every year. I’d actually consider living in this state. There is something about the warm breeze and cool water that just found a huge place in my heart. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is so laid back.  Not to mention that, the sunsets there are beyond any other sunsets I’ve seen.

One place that I would love to visit the next trip out there would be Cabo Rojo. There are some gorgeous beaches and views there. In particular, I would love to oversee the Caribbean Sea by going up the Los Morrillos lighthouse. I have read that there are some awesome hiking trails as well. Maybe this will be a mark off my bucket list, soon enough.

Charleston, South Carolina

Image result for charleston sc

Just because my last name is King- I would have to go to King’s street. Okay, maybe that is bit of a lie. But, I would definitely want to stay at one of the many amazing looking hotels on King’s street and just roam around the city. I’d think that Rainbow Row would also be a cool adventure and probably would make for some excellent photo shoots!

Let’s not forget the food! The food is probably what has me so intrigued. I have a chubby heart! Beef brisket, biscuits and tea…..yummmmmy!! I have actually seen on Buzzfeed the top places to eat in Charleston and let me tell you….. You’ll be asking to go with me on my trip! 🙂

Cancun, Mexico

Image result for cancun mexico

So fun fact: I am Mexican and have never travelled to Mexico. I mean, Tijuana cannot count in this equation. I probably sound so basic right now, but, I literally have to go to Cancun before I die. I don’t care how close to home it is or how I can go to Mexico just about, anytime. I would have to actually say it’s on my top 5 in life. Picturing: myself on the beach with a margarita in hand and a good book to read in the sun. The warm sand between my toes and the water, come on now….. How gorgeous does this pic look?

So there you have it. What would be on your bucket list and why? Where have you traveled to that you fell in love with?



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