Follow up # 3

So I know I have avoided writing about my last checkup results. It will be a couple of weeks since I followed up but, it still hurts me to talk about.

For some reason, we were hopeful that we would be pregnant. Why wouldn’t we be? We have been doing everything we are supposed to be doing- eating better, praying, relaxing, taking our supplements, using OPK’s…. you name it, we are right on top of it! Well, as fate would have it, we are not pregnant.

The checkup itself was not too bad, but if I am being honest; we did have a slip up while on a weekend getaway. Apparently, corn does not do my ovaries too good. Dr V. had me lay on the table and was able to tap into the fact that he was tapping into hormonal imbalances and that I had eaten something I wasn’t supposed to. And then he asked the dreaded question of “did you eat corn by chance?”

YES, we ate corn, corn chips, and corn tortillas… popcorn.

I am now on supplements named Ovatrophin PMG, which should help balance me out a bit.

I just feel so bad about myself for working so hard and having a slip up for just a day and a half and feeling that maybe if I didn’t eat all that corn junk, I could be sitting here, pregnant.

Our next follow up isn’t until April 26th so we are hoping, by then- now that corn is out of the mix; maybe we will get better news this time around!

Until next time; pray for each other and pray for me. I am definitely praying for all of you that are desiring to be a parent soon as well.

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