Follow Up Appointment- AK

Almost everything looks good, so far…


We went for our follow up appointment with Dr. V, our kinesiologist about 3 weeks after our first appointment. This appointment will reveal the tests he took on the first visit (blood pressure, temp, muscle testing, etc.) I went first on the results and it concluded that I had pretty strong muscles but, I also had an irregular heartbeat.

Back story- I have always had low blood pressure, however, it was never a concern with my primary care, she actually always mentioned that because I am relatively a calm person from what she can see, that she wasn’t concerned with this. I feel a lot of times I get what I am thinking, anxiety attacks and I start to get these heart palpitations and jittery where sometimes I feel that I may even, pass out.

So, Dr. V. mentions that he is concerned about my irregular heartbeat. Especially with me trying to get pregnant. He put me on adrenals and if I am being honest, I have not had any fluttering feeling nor dizzy spells or any anxiety in the past 3 weeks that I have been taking these supplements.

He assessed me again on the chiro table and the one thing I forgot to mention in my original post was that, he adjusted us. I tend to get a lot, a lot….a lot! of stress in my shoulders and neck area. He adjusts me and I feel the weight lifted off. This has also really helped my posture as I don’t have to lean over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame at my work station.

He also noticed that I have a lot of acid in my stomach which, I did not tell him about. I tend to get a lot of acid reflux and stomach ulcers. With the blood diet, I am supposed to eat more fish and red meat. I am not much of a fish person but I try to have some at least once a week if anything. He gave me Cod Liver supplements to help me in this area as well.

As far as the spray supplement I was using for the thyroid issue (low thyroid), it seemed to be working. I started with 12 sprays 3 times a day and now he brought it down to 3 sprays just in the morning. As mentioned in my previous post, I feel the difference, majorly. I can tell that its working based off of not having coffee anymore. That was my “wake up” for the day and I have felt energetic on most days.

The one thing that really made me a believer and made my husband a believer in this method was the fact that he was able to “feel” the energy we both had on stressful situations in our lives, aside from infertility. We both did not mention anything to him and he was able to see that I was having despair at work. Which that week earlier, there was some major drama at work that made me want to really quit my job. He was also able to see stress in family which I will keep to myself. With my husband, he was also able to see that he was dealing with some family stuff but, he hit the nail on the head without any information provided by either one of us. Wow… just amazing.

We have our third appointment come this Friday so I will be sure to let you know my results and what he thinks I can do, next.

Until next time- be kind to yourself and to others. Xoxo.

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