And now I’m stronger…

” are you ready, Priscilla?”

That was the first time, in a long time ( since the day I got married to be exact) that I was never so sure, that I was ready.

Let’s start from the beginning though.

Last summer, my husband and I were just lost, we knew we needed to be saved. We are good people. We give to the needy, open our home to those who need a place to rest their head for a bit, give offerings to our church, pay for those who are struggling, throw birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers… you name it, we are more than happy to do it. BUT, we sin a boat load for all those people, just between the two of us.

We decided, we need to be baptized we need to be free of all this badness we have going on. We need a change, we need to be stronger in our walk with the Lord. We flaked out last summer. I used being on my menstrual as a bad excuse because ” I won’t feel comfortable.” So we never made it to the baptism.

A year goes by…. we are still in the same bad place. He’s drinking, I’m cussing…. we are both judging others like its our job. We need Jesus, and forgiveness. And, new attitudes.

It took a lot to decide, we are going to be baptized this summer because, we are NOT perfect people. We have tons of flaws and I am not going to get baptized if I am a ” bad” Christian. To me I looked at it as being a fake, a poser Christian and why would I want to do that? Until one day, at church, our pastor was speaking about Christianity and how the world expects us to be these ” perfect people.” He went on about how even once we are saved and even though we repent, we are still nevvvvvver going to be these perfect Christians. Because, that doesn’t exist. Never, have I ever, felt like he was looking straight at us saying- ” I am talking about you two.”

I love our pastor, he is a straight shooter and hearing this leader say those words, really made me realize, I am never going to be worthy of the Lord. All I can do is try my best to be a good Christian and an example to my peers. I will mess up, I will sin, I will need to ask for forgiveness. I will be an example in Christ. He forgives, I just have to remember that I am living in his example and got to try my best.

So fast forward to lets say- 3 weeks later? We go to church and the pastor announces- the annual Summer Baptism’s. My husband called the church and signed us up. We were all in it this time around. We know we will never be perfect, its impossible. We know we are ready, and want to do this, together.

Here comes this beautiful Sunday morning in August. The sun is shining, its warm outside already at 830 am. I am not on my period, haha. I have my husband here on earth with me still. It was, perfect.

We go through church service, go get a quick bite to eat and then head over to one of the elders of the church’s house. We see about 50-60 people in the backyard. There is praise music being sung, everyone looks so happy to be there. Some to be baptized, like us and others to support and pray with us. Then our pastor comes up to pray and announce they are going to start the baptism’s. I wasn’t nervous, neither was J. We just got in line. We always agreed that it would be super duper neat if we were baptized, together. We also always hoped that our pastor would be the one to baptize us. There were about 5 others helping our pastor in the process, all elders of the church.

So, now its our turn. And to answer our hopes and prayers… our church pastor is next to take someone in. (Not to say I wouldn’t be happy if one of the elders was to do it, it was more of a treat because we know our pastor and always talked about him being to the one to do it.) So anyway,  I walked towards him and he smiled his big, heart warming, smile. I look back at my husband and tell him: ” I want us to do this together” and one of the elders said ” of course you can, that’s a blessing”. We both get to our pastor and he hugs us and wants to pray with us, first. My heart was compelling with joy. All that we wanted out of this, was happening. He prayed for our marriage and asked God to use us because he knows we are strong.

And now…. its time. I went first. He asked me- ” are you ready, Priscilla?” I nodded yes and plugged my nose and mouth – He said ” in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, you are saved” then I was dunked under water. J followed suit. When he came up, he hugged our pastor again. I started to cry and kissed him. By him, I mean my husband! LOL. And we walked away, holding hands.

We are truly blessed. We will never ever be better then anyone. We will never ever be perfect. We will only get better and be perfect, for each other.

In the words of my dear Carrie Underwood- “and now I’m changed
And now I’m stronger.There must’ve been something in the water”



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