My human diary…

Is: my husband!

I seriously love that kid! I can tell him just about everything and he never judges me.

When I say something crazy ( that happens about 4 times a day) he gives me this grin and shakes his head instead of kicking me under the table in hopes I would STFU. Lol. It’s true.

Bad days? He makes it better. He’s hilarious and we have tons of stupid little inside jokes. All he has to do is break out in song and I’m instantly smiling .

Drama? Whose a better fire extinguisher than a man?! He immediately makes me forget girl drama by changing the subject into sports or telling me ” girls will be girls.”

Advice needed? He runs his own business. He’s full of advice and has perfected the art of finding a resolution to all my inquiries. Plus he’s a great listener so if I need to vent, he will just listen.

At least , I think he’s listening…. Anyhow! Whose your ” go to” person?


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