So fresh and so clean (clean)!

Have you ever heard of Lush Cosmetics?

If not, you’re living under a rock and you really need to come out dammit…It’s the best place, ever! I’ve heard of it by many, but just barely got my booty in there a few weeks a go. And now, I’m a wee bit obsessed.

I took it slow and started with face masks.
These are the two I got:


Fancy, right???!

So they both have stolen my heart. They smell, amazing! You have to keep them refrigerated and they have an expiration date.
Honestly, that’s the one thing I don’t love about them. They don’t deliver the masks. Boo…
I’m just a lazy and don’t wanna have to get up, and go get more.

They both make my face feel so clean. And the way my skin looks when I removed the mask, is beautiful. My pores are invisible, my skin glows and it feels like butter, baby.

I picked out the Ayesha and the Catastrophe Cosmetic. I fan faved the Ayesha only because it smelled better. Yup, I’m that kinda person.

Have you tried out any of the Lush products? If so, what do you recommend I try out next?


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