Foundation Reviews

Every girl out there should know- your skin is the first line of defense. Be careful what you put on it. That also includes- make-up!

For some time now, I have been using all sorts of low end and high end foundations. I must admit- I never thought about using lower end stuff until I started watching make up tutorials on You Tube. So, I gave it a shot!

I decided to write reviews on all three products I have used in the past couple of years.

The three BEST for my skin are these lovely guys:


My colors are ( because sometimes people want/need to know these things)

L’Oreal True Match: W6

Make-up Forever HD Foundation: 128 Almond

Bobbi Brown Long Wearing Foundation- Natural 4


My absolute favorite would HAVE to be Bobbi Brown. She just really, truly knows my skin. It works the best for me. It moisturizes on the dry days and mattes on the hot and humid ones.


L’Oreal True Match- Not an absolute bad low end product. I’ve tried Revlon’s Color Stay and L’Oreal is by far, the winner out of the two. I gotta give it to them: they have many shades to choose from. I like to blend W6 and W5 in the winter, when I’m not as tanned. It’s pretty matte, so in the winter I don’t feel the need to “lock in” the product so just use the foundation alone. It’s build-able but for the most part, I only use one layer. It has a matte finish but I still have to set it with powder or I’ll have to touch up by noon.

Make- up Forever HD- you are my 2nd favorite!!! I love the natural look it leaves.  I love that it leaves me feeling like i don’t really have anything on my face. I personally, love the full coverage look because I have dark circles under my eyes ( thanks Mom!) and I don’t like using concealer. So, with that said, that is the ONLY reason why it’s a deal breaker for me. I tend to use this in the fall and winter when the pollen isn’t high and my dark circles are hiding. 🙂 Great selection of shades as well to choose from. I use a primer and setting spray, no powder, no touch ups needed until about 3pm but just on my “T zone.”

Bobbi Brown- You’re the best $48.00 I have spent on make- up in a long time. I have pretty good skin, but I love the look of make up and I love looking like I am wearing make up! I get a matte finish with this product but I do like to use a setting spray in the summer to keep my grease free. It feels like silk going on my face and I never have to touch up while I am at my 8am-5pm, job. So I do agree with the bottle when it says “long lasting”. They don’t have too many shades, that is really the only downfall. Luckily for me, I found my match. This product is my holy grail.

I truly believe, you get what you pay for. I kinda choke a little when I am buying a $48 product- BUT- I look at it as: I am going to pay $8 for a tiny bottle that equals to half of the Make up Forever or Bobbi Brown AND i have to add powder to “set it” on top using it a lot more than the higher end products.  In the end, the low end product costs less but you go through it faster, it doesn’t last as long and you end up paying the same or maybe more, than the higher end.


What are your favorite foundations? Do you like the lower end more than higher end?







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